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Mulberry - Stoker (Insert Stove)

Mulberry - Stoker (Insert Stove)

Mulberry - Stoker (Insert Stove)

The unique design of the Mulberry STOKER can deliver 6.5Kw of heat throughout the room because a convection stream distributes heat much more widely than radiant heat alone can achieve.

It’s a stove Dracula himself would have appreciated as everyone in the house will have warm blood!

Taking up a very small place on the hearth with minimal intrusion into the room, the STOKER is ideal for the modern home.

• Fits into standard fireplace without removing fireback
• Improves your house Energy Rating (BER)
• Burns Wood, Coal, Anthracite, Peat Briquettes, Turf
• Maximum output 6.5Kw
• Maximum fuel consumption 0.93kg per hour
• Efficiency of 76%
• More than twice as efficient as an open fire - halves your bill
• Clean burning with low emissions - O.26% CO (at 13% O2)

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