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Record Power PT260 planer thicknesser

Record Power PT260 planer thicknesser

Record Power PT260 planer thicknesser
Model PT260-X
Attachments Wheelset
Voltage 230volt
Horse Power 2 1/4 hp

An impressive planer thicknesser suitable for the home workshop featuring hardened tables and a cast iron thicknessing bed. A great addition to any workshop allowing great savings to be made on timber costs by enabling accurate finishing

The main job of the planer is to produce totally flat and square datum points for the thicknesser to work from. Once this is achieved the thicknesser accurately and rapidly dimensions all your timber to the required size making accurate joinery a breeze.

The heart of any planer are the tables and beds. The PT260 features a cast iron thicknessing bed for strength and rigidity and boasts a 150mm thicknessing capacity. The specially hardened surfacing tables are a generous
1 metre in length and will plane boards up to 260mm wide. The surface is treated to reduce friction.

The fence can be tilted to 45 degrees for bevelling and chamfering and the 2 knife block is fitted with re-sharpenable blades as standard. Following the tradition of our Startrite industrial planers both infeed and outfeed rollers are metal for reliability and longevity. The powerful induction motor enables the machine to remove up to 3mm in a single pass. This machine benefits from the Record Power 5 year guarantee.

Max planing width 260mm
Max thicknessing depth 150mm
Max removal rate 3mm
Machine weight 80 kilo

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